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The Complete Writings of Roger Williams

The Complete Writings of Roger Williams by Roger Williams, Perry Miller (Editor)


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This is a facsimile reprint of the 1964 edition published in New York by Russell & Russell, Inc., which was itself an enlarged version of the original produced in 1867 by the Narragansett Club Publications, Providence, RI.


5 out of 5 stars Finally back in print, August 21, 2008

By Patrick Oden (Lake Arrowhead, CA United States)

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A few years ago I sought out the writings of Roger Williams. There were none to be had. This vital figure of major historical importance was silent, for the most part. Which seems especially peculiar given his relevance for so many contemporary questions of church and state.

I found a set of his collected writings in the library of my alma mater, but I was hoping to have a little more ability to sit with these great texts, as well as make the occasional note and use as references whenever I needed. So, I was a little discouraged in my burgeoning Williams interest.

Then I noticed the collected works were being re-released. Very wonderful.

These are not newly edited texts. These are the facsimiles of a much older collection, which is obvious in the retention of old printer habits, which is most [noticeable], for this modern eye, in the absence of most 's' characters replaced by the 'f' looking character, a curious addition given the mid-1800s original publication. A little awkward to read at first, but it does give a historical feel to these newly bound, glossy covered texts.

Volume 1 of The Complete Writings of Roger Williams contains a biographical introduction of Roger Williams by Reuben Aldridge (pp 1-60); Key Into the Language of America (pp 61-28); Letter of Mr. John Cotton (pp 285-312); Mr. Cotton's Letter Examined and Answered (pp 313-396)

I would hope there is before too long a newly edited version of these great letters and writings, but for now, these are the volumes to get and enjoy.

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