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Condensed Novels

Condensed Novels (Paperback) by Bret Harte (Author)

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Bret Harte is best known for his stories about pioneering life in California. Harte moved to California in 1853 where he worked as a miner, journalist, teacher and messenger. This collection contains: Handsome Is as Handsome Does, Muck-A-Muck, Terence Denville Terence Denville, Miss Mix, Guy Heavystone, Mr. Midshipman Breezy, John Jenkins, Mary Jones's Narrative, No. 27 Limehouse Road, Count Moscow's Narrative, Dr. Diggs's Statement, Mary Mcgillup, The Ninety-Nine Guardsmen, The Slim Young Man's Story, and Lothow,

Contemporary Review

A Literary Notice in the January 1868 issue of The Atlantic Monthly

A short notice of Recent Literature of a later expanded edition in the August 1871 issue of The Atlantic Monthly


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