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First Voyage to America: From the Log of the "Santa Maria"

First Voyage to America: From the Log of the "Santa Maria" by Christopher Columbus

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Dramatic, revealing entries—including Columbus’ own words—document epochal voyage, heavy seas, discouraged crew, first sighting of land, appearance of island natives, more. Translated into English, reset in large type. Forty-four illustrations, including a number from rare sources. Fascinating historical document. Publisher’s note.


3 out of 5 stars Good secondary-level textbook., December 11, 1996

By A Customer

This reprint of the 1938 illustrated edition of Columbus' journal covers the crossing of the Atlantic from August 3 to October 14, 1492. The (uncredited) translation is from Las Casas' abridgement of the journal in the HISTORIAS DE LAS INDIAS. The note at the beginning of the Dover edition explains the origin of the text. This book would be suitable for instruction with advanced middle school and high school students. It is unfortunate that the text is truncated upon arrival in Hispaniola since it omits many of the interesting passages concerning early contact with the islanders and Columbus' return voyage to Spain

5 out of 5 stars Enthusiastically recommended reading, August 8, 2008

By Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)

Compiled by the editorial staff of RMJ Publications, "First Voyage" showcases the short story telling talents in an impressive anthology of thirteen original fantasy tales by first time authors -- as well as a few who are established authors trying their hand for the first time in a new genre. Some of the stories have a science fiction orientation, others a fantasy or horror content. But all of them are unique, original, entertaining works that showcase storytelling talents of the first order. Comprising "First Voyage" are Leslie Hoffman's 'The Walk-Ins'; Betty Lee's 'My Dog Story'; Douglas A. Davy's 'The Oracle'; Stacee Hallquist's 'The Bridge'; Roger Storkamp's 'Child of a Mail-Order Bride'; Elaine Stubbs' 'The Wendigo'; Laura Alton's 'Test Animal?'; James Fick's 'Yes or No, Even I Can't Decide'; Fred Rayworth's 'Fun in the Outland'; Charle E. Fuller Jr.'s 'Argentiferous Projectiles'; Maxwell A. Drake's 'Last Man on Earth'; and the collaborative piece 'The Eclipse' by Richard Wine, Elaine Stubbs and Lynn Lanier. Of special note is the author biography section. "First Voyage" is enthusiastically recommended reading and a welcome addition to any personal or community library Fantasy & Science Fiction collection.

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