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John March - Southerner

John March - Southerner (Paperback) by George Washington Cable (Author)

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IN the State of Disie, County of Clear mter, and therefore in the very 2 irt of rllat was once the Southern Confcder lcp, lies that noted sent of government of one coullty and sllil pi plgo int for tllree, Suez. The pamphlet of n certain lnlld conlpany-n publica t 1 0 11 ilo vo ut of print and mre, but a copy of which it has been nq-good fortune to secure-mentions the battle of Turkey Creel as haring been fought only a mile or so north of the torrn in the spring of 1864. It also strongly recornrnel dst o the attention of both capitalist and tomist the bennt iful mountain scenery of Sni dstone County, h i cnhcl joi ls Clear atera few miles from Soez on the north, and ilortlleast, as Elncklaiid does, much farther away, on the soutll est...

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Book Review from the June 1895 issue of The Atlantic Monthly


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