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The Leatherwood God

The Leatherwood God (Paperback) by William Dean Howells (Author)

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Already, in the third decade of the nineteenth century, the settlers in the valley of Leatherwood Creek had opened the primeval forest to their fields of corn and tobacco on the fertile slopes and rich bottom-lands. The stream had its name from the bush growing on its banks, which with its tough and pliable bark served many uses of leather among the pioneers; they made parts of their harness with it, and the thongs which lifted their door-latches, or tied their shoes, or held their working clothes together. The name passed to the settlement, and then it passed to the man, who came and went there in mystery and obloquy, and remained lastingly famed in the annals of the region as the Leatherwood God.


5 out of 5 stars A Man Who Claims to be God, September 17, 2009

By R. Ducharme "slow reader" (Fairfield, PA) (REAL NAME)    

William Dean Howells (1836-1920) was a master of social realism in American Fiction. "The Leatherwood God"(1916), based on an actual case, is a novel about a small Ohio village in the 1820s. One day a charismatic stranger,named Joseph Dylks, turns up there. At first he claims to be sent by God, then to actually be God himself. As unlikely as it seems, about a third of the town believe him and become his followers. But there are skeptics in the village of Leatherwood. One of them Matthew Braile, justice of the peace, is content to poke fun at the ease with which this con man has won over so many in the village. But when Dylks promises a miracle and fails to deliver, some of the skeptics become violent and Dylks and his followers are driven out. In this novel Howells shows how ready some 19th century Americans were to believe almost any religious claim, however outrageous. The thoughtful reader might wonder whether we are any different today. A wise and amusing book.

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