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Mardi:  A Voyage Thither, Vol. I & II

Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Volume I (Hardcover) & Mardi: and A Voyage Thither, Volume II (Hardcover) by Herman Melville (Author)

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We are off! The courses and topsails are set: the coral-hung anchor swings from the bow: and together, the three royals are given to the breeze, that follows us out to sea like the baying of a hound. Out spreads the canvas-alow, aloft-boom-stretched, on both sides, with many a stun' sail; till like a hawk, with pinions poised, we shadow the sea with our sails, and reelingly cleave the brine.

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Review from the July 1849 issue of The United States Democratic Review

"Critical Notice" from the September 1849 issue of The American Whig Review

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