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Of Plymouth Plantation

Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford

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From 1630 to 1651, William Bradford wrote a history of Plymouth, the very colony he helped to establish and govern. Never published in his lifetime, the handwritten manuscript was lost during the Revolutionary War, and was rediscovered and published for the first time in 1856. In this new edition, Caleb Johnson has added many valuable footnotes, and included many relevant photos and illustrations. Also included here with Bradford's History is the complete text of the Pilgrims' journals chronicling the first year at Plymouth. These exciting first-hand journals capture the day-by-day details of the explorations and adventures of the Pilgrims.


5 out of 5 stars Definitely worth the price; best scholarly edition of Bradford in print., February 11, 2007

By Caleb Johnson "mayfloweb" (Vancouver, WA) (REAL NAME)    

This review is from: Of Plymouth Plantation (Paperback)

Obviously I am a biased reviewer, but I feel some of a previous reviewer's comments need to be corrected. This book is not just "Of Plymouth Plantation", but it also includes the full text of "Mourt's Relation", the journals the Pilgrims' wrote their first year at Plymouth (pages 437-517) and twelve important supplementary documents and letters (pages 520-570). That's not a "few extra letters," that's over 125 pages of material not found in the Morison edition. If you take the Morison edition of Bradford, and add in the cost of the Heath edition of "Mourt's Relation", then this book's price is very reasonable, and definitely not "astronomical".

Several editions of Bradford's History are in the public domain, if you want it "on the cheap" just download it for free. This edition is intended for those who want more: over 400 detailed footnotes that far exceed what is included in any other available edition; additional letters and Plymouth Colony documents; more than thirty illustrations including numerous photos of artifacts from the Pilgrim Hall Museum, not to mention facsimile chapter titles in Bradford's own handwriting, and a far more detailed index (over 40 pages) than any other edition on the market. If you want a book that holds up better, go with the hardcover--small-format softcovers in excess of 600 pages, no matter how well bound, are never going to have the lasting power of a hardcover.

2 out of 5 stars Not worth the high price, November 27, 2006

By Bradford Grandson

In my opinion, this is basically a rehash of Samuel Eliot Morison's classic that only costs $19. Did not feel the few extra letters at the end were worth the extra $20 in price. The binding was cheap, and the type was small. I was very disappointed and felt this was a repackaging of someone else's work with a few extras thrown in. I wonder what Governor Bradford would think of this average quality volume for the astronomical price charged? I was very disappointed and am returning the book. I have ordered other materials from this author, the Mayflower History Reference Collection on CD-ROM, a crippled CD, that does not allow you to print portions or cut and paste or save a document to send to even another family member. You can only print full pages at a time. Again, that product was in my opinion low quality for a very high price, and looked homemade, and the CD didn't spin up well. Stick with Morison for a more scholarly and better footnoted version of the work by Governor William Bradford, who never made a penny from his journals.

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