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The Papers of Thomas Jefferson

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson from Princeton University Press

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From Princeton University Press

The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, established at Princeton University, is preparing the authoritative and comprehensive edition of the correspondence and papers of our nation’s third president. Jefferson’s letters are the largest component of the more than 70,000 documents that have been assembled as photocopies from over 900 repositories and private collections worldwide. Through the publication of letters and papers received as well as those written by Jefferson, The Papers of Thomas Jefferson supplants earlier editions of Jefferson’s writings.

Careful research and collaborative scholarship produced the first volume of The Papers of Thomas Jefferson in 1950, setting new standards for the organization and editorial presentation of historical documents. Thirty-five volumes in the chronological series have been published to date. Today, through ongoing chronological and topical publication of the volumes as well as new digital access and multifaceted outreach efforts, this important correspondence in our nation’s documentary heritage is made widely available. Through this legacy of letters, Jefferson’s reputation endures as that of a statesman and writer of profound turn-of-phrase, political insight, and far-ranging interests.


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