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The Works of Jonathan Edwards

The Works of Jonathan Edwards published by Yale University Press

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This monumental series consists of 22 volumes, and Yale University Press is planning more.  Yale University is Edwards’ alma mater, and these volumes are a wonderful tribute to one of their famous students.  Amazon has almost all the volumes that are in print, and you can pre-order one of the planned volumes.

The Yale University Press series of Jonathan Edwards’ work has received many positive reviews.  Here’s just a sample.  It is a review of the 22nd volume.  

“This volume’s introduction is one of the best short guides to Edwards’s view of history. With dramatic and vivid prose that is reminiscent of the best of Perry Miller, Stout sketches Edwards’s substitution of history for theology as queen of the sciences, recasting systematic theology in the form of a history of redemption. Recommended for all libraries.”—Gerald R. McDermott, Religious Studies Review

Click here for an article from the April 1890 issue of The New England magazine called “Jonathan Edwards: A Psychological Study,” to see a nineteenth century psychology study of Edwards.
Click here for a nineteenth century comparison of Edwards’ philosophy with other philosophers up to that time in this March 1879 article from The North American review.

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